2023 Summer Home Design Trends

Dated: August 25 2023

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Summer of 2023 has finally arrived, and as we enjoy the outdoors, the ability to bring that energy inside is just as beneficial. We are finally seeing some interior design trends that are going through their “fashion cycle” and returning to magazines and storefronts. We have compiled some of the top 2023 summer interior design trends to give you a quick overview of what you may be seeing and possibly including in your own space.

● Sustainability - The knowledge of where we purchase from is something many consumers are considering when styling their homes. More buyers are embracing a very popular Danish sentiment, which focuses on buying products that are meant to stand the test of time with their skilled craftsmanship and timeless style. There is a strong focus on products made ethically both for the environment and for those crafting the goods.

● Nostalgia - Over the past few years, the return of mid-century decorating has returned to many homes, with additions like pops of retro colors like sage greens and mustard yellows and more natural wood pieces. We see many pieces going through their “fashion cycle” and once again popping up in big-box and thrift stores. This style continues to have its moment as it ties in very well with sustainability and embracing products that have stood the test of time.

● Indoor Jungles - Something that became very popular when people were encouraged to stay in their homes was the investment in houseplants. Many people found the inclusion of the outdoor world into their homes was a great way of feeling a bit more connected, and it allowed them to experience a newfound responsibility. Large and small houseplants continue to grow their way into peoples’ hearts and homes. Houseplants bring a sense of nature into homes, allowing for fresh summer energy year-round.

● Wallpaper - As pops of color and bursts of pattern become very popular in peoples’ more neutral homes, the use of wallpaper is once again cycling back into style. Many use a rental-friendly stick-on wallpaper that allows them to enjoy new home interiors and change them as much as they’d like. Homes that include a lot of neutral decor allow for many options of wallpapers, even in just some areas, to really stand out and share some of the stylists’ personality.

● Libraries - Physical books continue to collect in peoples’ homes post-lockdown, which is allowing home libraries to once again grow in popularity. A designated space for books to live and host a space for people to enjoy offers a very elegant feel to any home design. Home libraries offer an opportunity to share a space for learning and relaxing away from the business of the rest of the home.

● Rich Tones - The last two Pantone colors of the year have featured rich, elegant hues of purple and red, which we also see in decor pieces of many homes. These additions are allowed to glow alongside the warm wood tones they often accompany. The rise of ‘micro-luxury’ is very popular in its ability to allow for a feeling of sophistication while keeping the stylist on budget. These unique hues work very well in this aesthetic when included in home designs such as gallery walls and listening rooms.

These trends encourage buyers and creators to give a more mindful experience when designing their living space. With the focus on buying for longevity and quality, we are not only curating a home full of timeless pieces but also allowing the environment a break from the years past trends that focused more on changing items in and out.

However you choose to fill your home, we would love to help you find the perfect space to grow inspired.

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