Fun Things to Do in Valparaiso

Why move to a place like Valparaiso, Indiana? Yes, there are great schools, community, culture, and low crime rates. Another reason to move to Valpo is all the fun things to do! As a society, we spend a lot of time indoors for work and school. Valpo residents know how refreshing it is to live in a city that has fun for the entire family! Living in Valpo proves there is more to life than stuffy air, screens, and artificial light!

Here is a list of fun things to do in Valpo:

  2. Rogers-Lakewood Park- The 122-acre park is a favorite in Valpo. There are tons of activities like picnicking, sledding, bird-watching, paddle boats, row boats, hiking, boating, and fishing to keep you busy. It is also a great place to hold a party! There are 5 shelters available for rental. Rogers-Lakewood is a place for all ages to enjoy.


  3. Valpo Parks Programs- Valparaiso Parks and Recreation Department has a ton of different programs for children and adults! This includes a variety of sports, clubs, classes, camps, day trips, and even a bikeshare program.



  4. Gabis Arboretum- Gabis Arboretum is 300-acres of beautiful landscape! It’s an enjoyable way to relax and enjoy nature with well-maintained trails. They also have education programs and community events.


  5. Valplayso- Ask almost any Valpo kid which playground is their favorite –Valplayso! This fun, unique park was designed and built in 1994 and recently reimagined by hardworking volunteers.



  6. Anderson’s Winery- For adults, Anderson’s winery is a great place to unwind. There are over 40 beautiful acres to explore and wine tastings to learn with friends. It’s also a great place to snack, picnic, and enjoy live music. There is live music Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2-5 pm.


  7. Zao Island- Go Karts, mini-golf, batting cages, laser-tag, a huge game room, alligators…no wonder Zao Island is a Valpo favorite. Where else can you feed alligators with a pole? Zao Island also has a summer music series and a green house for events!

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